An overhead panorama of one of Sarasota's sandy beaches

Permit Information

Fill out and submit your permit online with proper insurance: General liability 1-million, 2-million aggregate in separate COI’s naming the municipality, in a separate COI(LIABILITY AND WORKERS COMP. WHEN APPLICABLE) and we’ll send it to the proper municipality. The only exception being Longboat Key is a separate process and has fees, you’ll need to contact directly.

Please allow 5-7 business days for standard permits and 14-30 days for drone, complex, stunt, fire or traffic considerations.

INTERGOVERNMENTAL TEAMWORK & COOPERATION is not a myth here… It actually happens in Sarasota County! City-to-city from Sarasota, Venice and North Port through the Town of Longboat Key, throughout the County and the unincorporated areas of Englewood, on the keys and islands — we ALL work together to the best of our ability to prove “film-friendly” is not just lip service.

Please do allow at least 5-7 working days after the receipt of your completed paperwork, workers comp, and liability insurance to obtain a permit if there are no stunts, pyrotechnics, traffic impacts or street closures required by your shoot. Allow a minimum of up to 30 working days if those more complicated elements are involved such as stunts with prop guns or explosives. We will always try our best to expedite your requests, but generally, these are the timeframes you can expect for permits to be issued.

Now, you’re ready for the simple, straight-forward “Follow Four” Filming Formula:

  • FIND what you need in Sarasota County we’ll help however possible
  • FURNISH your proof of insurance certificate of liability making sure to name the municipalities as additional insureds;
  • FAX the items to us, and we’ll get you rolling ASAP.

Then, of course, get ready to make your project FABULOUS in Sarasota County, Florida!

Keeping it simple ~ helping to streamline the process ~ reducing red tape and paperwork ~ working to eliminate or minimize fees ~ we’re all on the same page: Focused on helping YOUR production be the best it can be in Sarasota County.

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